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16 Feb

Guests snacked on Baby Ruth candy bars and everyone ended up huddled in a circle telling murder stories from their hometowns.) and retreating to your phone in the corner feels like a bummer.But at every event I’ve attended solo, there have been others in my same boat — and that’s who I’ve approached first.The group collectively murmured, “Noooooo,” anytime the story began to take a turn. To break the tension at the end of every story, one of the guests would say, “And he’s here tonight. ” Brooklyn began to feel like home again that night. Large social gatherings where I didn’t know many guests used to give me the cold sweats.It’s tricky to insert yourself into conversations (those excruciating minutes smiling at the edge of the circle!

When I first came to New York, a year and a half ago, I moved into a tiny apartment with my two best friends from Missouri. And there were nights I needed someone to squeeze my shoulder and, with flicker of a smile, say, “My god.

We navigated the city together, ghostwrote each other’s romantic text messages, and battled homesickness with bottles of Trader Joe’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Twin Peaks episodes. You’ll be okay.” So, I challenged myself to find new companions.