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21 Jan

As Natalia relentlessly tickles Amy she starts to slip off Amy’s and her own uniform as they both grow warm with all the laughing and wriggling.As she limps around stripping she hops out of her skirt and keeps checking that her ankle has not swollen any more.Soon she is in just her lingerie, but it is not long before she slips that off too, it feels tight and she just wants to be comfortable and naked so she can examine herself properly.Natalia even tickles Amy’s feet, with and without her socks making her writhe around on teacher’s desk.Soon they are both completely naked and as Natalia tickles a naked Amy she begs her to stop; now she is fully cheered up!

Soon they are in just their pretty lingerie showing their soles but as they slip that off too they are left completely naked sitting opposite each other with their sexy bare soles pressed together.

New student Bonnie is waiting outside Headmistress’s office for her induction to the school.

She is wearing sexy black holdup stockings which are encased around her bad ankle.

She is clearly hot & uncomfortable and she slowly starts to slip off her uniform while being careful not to damage herself even further.

However her feet feel so good in her socks she cannot resist slipping of more and more of her uniform and soon she is in just her lingerie & socks.

However as she sits on the floor surrounded by books & playing with her socked soles she is not quite finished yet and she slips off her lingerie too!

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