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22 Jan

We Love A Good Chat As Well As A Hott Night Of Passion. Ask Away Nice guy wants to meet or chat with a couple, and if we like each other I'm ok for short or long term nsa sex. I'm clean, delicate and I prefer the ones dating to be the same. I like to meet a female to talk to me and chat with me. I do have pics and have a messenger if you would like to chat. I am a female who is looking to chat with ONLY other females (bisexual or lesbian), please NO couples! You can't assume that because a fair number of people on here use sexually explicit pics for their profile that it's all about sex.

If you need more help, please consult a physician or a pharmacist. I'm very much so looking for a bisexual couple in the Lincoln Park Michigan area who are interested in a bisexual man.

It's very rare where I live and it seems that there isn't anything as in what I'm looking for and it's very frustrating to say the least. -Leo For those wondering, I'm on the left, with no hat.

my personality is very outgoing and social, i tend to be flirty (but not "false"! Finally as has been mentioned before there is a cyber room, why more members don't make use of it is beyond me.... I live in NY and I can have 25 gay experiences a night, that's not what I want.... I am so happy to see this subject still in the Forum.

) and i do have a strong sense of who i am and what i like. We can't be to diligent protecting us all from such a danger.

I was in a lesbian chat room in yahoo chat and I asked what other sites are available for bisexuals like myself and some kind soul told me about this one.

I am so happy I found it because I have already found another bisexual in my area.

( i am NOT into anything really "wild", no threesomes or orgies or anything). Hello ,we are a couple that wants to spice things up. Many are curious about being bisexual or are new to the Lifestyle. I don't want to be with a man alone....9 out of 10 emails I get are from guys who claim they are bi, but I believe they are gay.

just looking to talk to females that are around my age (25-37 or so) who like to have fun! I am bisexual & Im looking for 1 on 1 fun Also interested in meeting females to share a threesome experience with myself & my boyfriend. You don't want to spook them or turn them off, or leave them feeling left out by being constantly bombarded by explicit sexual talk, which is often the case in those other chat rooms... My profile says Bisexual and looking for females or couples .... Again, if I am going to have a bisexual experience I want it to be truly bisexual.