Checksum mismatch while updating eclipse

16 Feb

Please check the state of the error level bit (ERL bit in Status register) and reread in the docs the implications of this bit in the memory mapping regarding useg/Kuseg.Accordingly, you must include the tree hash of the entire archive in the request header. The following diagram illustrates the process of creating the SHA-256 hash of the archive.You read the archive and compute the SHA-256 hash for each 1 MB chunk.The hash value at the root is the checksum for the entire archive.When you upload an archive in a single request using the Upload Archive API (see Upload Archive (POST archive)), the request payload includes the entire archive.

The checksum of the payload is a SHA-256 tree hash.

It is called a tree hash because in the process of computing the checksum you compute a tree of SHA-256 hash values.

I have even added temporary code to specifically catch this issue right at the beginning of the reset handler.

The CPU has a Cortex-M4F core and is supposed to read both the entry point and the stack pointer addresses from the first 2 entries of the reset vector table.

I will try to read and understand what you described.

Would be great if you could add the more detailed explanations regarding openocd implications you mentioned.

If you are using an AWS SDK to program against Amazon Glacier, the tree hash calculation is done for you and you only need to provide the file reference.

Hi, I would like use openocd (with olimex ARM-USB-OCD JTAG debugger) with kdevelop as a frontend.