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25 Jan

Orion rather hoped Izzy, who had been with him since he left Hogwarts, would learn a little confidence from Tully and his siblings. “Master Orion is being busy and not to be disturbed, but nasty Cygnus is coming here and not going away. ”The damned Family Tree and it’s updating tapestries. Cygnus, obsessed as he was with their lineage, had one of the tapestries anchored magically to the original at Ravensmoor.

His wife, the time traveler, who’d sundered her own soul to change a single moment in time — and saved his life in doing so. That smarmy bastard that teachers adored and younger students avoided. If Orion had to lay eyes on his children now, he’d either weep or rage and frighten them. Sirius: brave, fierce Sirius, made bitter and angry under Walburga’s ‘care’; who ran away from his own legacy to escape her taint.

Orion had already set an investigation into Riddle in motion weeks ago — Ophelia had given him a strong hint that set him on that path. Alphard; dead under mysterious circumstances just before Sirius’ majority, who might have helped him claim the title from Cygnus’ usurpation.

He needed a new will, with strict clauses on guardianship, regency and proxies for his sons; though he had rewritten his will last year, no one would think it odd for him to do so again after remarrying.

A new legal firm, or at least a second, private one, to ensure his wishes could not be undermined by other members of his family and that the family firm was kept on the straight and narrow.

Orion wrote steadily for twenty minutes before Izzy, his head elf, popped into the study.

He closed the leather-bound journal, studying Izzy’s body language.

Orion sighed, knowing full well Cygnus — presumably the elder, and Walburga’s grandfather, not her brother — would not leave until he got his way. He leaned casually against his desk in his shirt sleeves, apparently unconcerned with appearances or formalities.

His wand was out on the desk, both visible and accessible, while his new wedding band was carelessly on display.

The sight would make Cygnus fume.“Great Uncle Cygnus,” Orion acknowledged the older wizard when he stormed in, flinging the door against the wall.

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