Dating a guy with std raven symone and lil fizz dating

11 Feb

Nor would you tell your date you had a "Sexually Transmitted Disease" , when you had HPV, even though it would also be technically correct.

She tells me about 90% of the guys never call her back after the news.

My thought on the subject is that she should not be giving out that info until at least the 2nd or maybe the 4th date.

She said it was almost impossible to get through sex. Now, years later, they realize it is just as easy to get as HIV.

I thought I got it from oral, since I always used a condom. I've always prided myself on being safe, for the most part.

I told her she is nixing a lot of potential good guys by scaring them away with this info - esp since some guys won't even know or understand what HPV is, how its easy to transmit, etc.

But she thinks honesty is the best policy up front - and doesnt want to be disappointed later on if the guy she is seeing for 2-3 months dumps her because he isn't told right away, kwim?

She claims its better to tell a guy up front about it so there are no surprises later on.

I personally think its a personal matter and not something that should be disclosed on a first date.

She is pretty sure the guy she got it from was a former ex-boyfriend she was with for about 5 months.

Prior to that she had only 2 long term relationships - and her latest LTR ended after her man decided he wanted to marry his ex girlfriend after all.

They hear "HPV" and they think "HIV" or some type of STD thats incurable, or they think its similar to gonorrhea and that she just needs to take medicine and one day it will disappear.