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03 Feb

Neighbors, however, have criticized Airhart's project for being too dense.

Also, neighbors and some council members objected to Airhart's plan for the homes to have an east-west orientation instead of the north-south orientation of the courtyard-style homes immediately to the north."I feel this is not the right plan for the south half of that block," Councilman John Rutledge told colleagues earlier this month.

Property owner Ronald Da Rosa long has owned the 5,294-square-foot house, which most recently has been used as a law office. Court of Appeals Judge Thomas Drummond of Wheaton, whom President Zachary Taylor appointed to the federal bench and President Ulysses S.

Any home in Medford, single or multifamily built in any year from 1630 to the present, qualifies for a historic marker.

Your marker will be ready in approximately 4 to 6 weeks after you place your order.

The Medford Historical Society has information about many Medford homes and can do a complimentary data search on most pre-1907 homes for date of construction.If a more detailed investigation is needed, you will be asked to make a nominal contribution.However, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the date due to the nature of many historical records.The Medford Historical Society reserves the right to deny specific requests for markers based on a review of historical data.Fitch was absent from the final vote, and Rutledge, while acknowledging his opposition to the project, voted in favor of final approval, noting that the ordinance in front of the council captured the entire council's feeling."I'm looking at this narrowly saying, we have in front of us an ordinance, and does it reflect the intent of the council, and it does," he said.Homeowners can now celebrate the rich architectural history of Medford with an attractive historical marker that shows the original date their house was built.Landmarks Illinois included the building, a public lakefront estate shuttered since the Evanston Art Center...