Datingpoint ch

14 Feb

"Last January and February, our inquiries went through the roof and that was largely because people didn't want to be alone for another 12 months." In the short time the company has been operating, it has been recognised as among the best in the business in the UK.

"I also have many professional people on my books - teachers, solicitors, doctors - who felt the dating scene was tacky.

"Everywhere I went, I was meeting people telling me the same stories - that they had no one to go out with and nowhere to go to meet a new partner.

The next level is Gold membership, which guarantees four introductions and costs £795.

Much like a recruitment firm, the company will sift through the applicants to help find your ideal match.

Her approach is confidential and tailor-made to each client to find the person who suits them best.She describes it as a "bit like a recruitment company does to find the perfect candidate for a job vacancy"."She said she was too old for bars and felt her job was too high profile for online dating and her friends were all in relationships and going out in couples."I kept hearing this over and over again with other people and found that men, in particular, had little confidence.