Federal law mandating athletic insurance

13 Feb

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Reasonable Assurance: Reasonable assurance in the "between seasons" denial for athletic services is used in a different manner than in the "between and within terms" denial for educational services.

For the professional athlete, a mere indication of his/her intent to participate in the subsequent sports season without any verification from any sports organization can constitute "reasonable assurance." (See page 56, of the 1976 Draft Language.) However, the term "reasonable assurance," as it applies to educational employees under the "between and within terms" denial, must be verified by the educational institution before it can be established as a fact.

Although there are similarities in the language of these laws, the applications are different.

As a result, DOL is issuing this UIPL to remind the States of its position on when UC is not payable on athletic services and to explain the differences between the two sections.

(See page 54, of the 1976 Draft Language and page 17, Supplement 1, to the 1976 Draft Language).