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21 Jan

We hope that its publication will lead to a practical recognition of this; to a shared and general sense of commitment to our children's education; and to a realisation of the great potential latent in our schools.They are part of a range of proposals which, if taken together, can have a profoundly beneficial effect on conditions in our most difficult schools.[page 9] 6 Our recommendations also relate to the great majority of schools that are generally well ordered but in which significant improvements could still be made.3 We were particularly concerned by reports that physical attacks by pupils on members of staff were commonplace and the cause of widespread anxiety among teachers.Although our evidence indicates that there are few such attacks and that teachers do not perceive them as a principal disciplinary issue, we still regard this as a very serious matter indeed.

Our evidence indicates that attacks are rare in schools in England and Wales.We also find that teachers do not see attacks as their major problem.(page numbers in brackets) Notes on the text The complete report is shown in this single web page.You can scroll through it or use the following links to go to the various chapters.Our broad objective was to make recommendations that would help all those who are responsible for schools and their pupils to create the orderly conditions in which pupils can learn.7 We believe that, if the full range of our proposals is adopted, it will produce a general improvement in the behaviour of pupils, and that this will improve both the quality of their education and the job satisfaction of those who teach them.