Han ji min dating so ji sub

07 Feb

Does Han Ji Min really look alike with Shin Bong Seon?

Yu Jae Seok: Do you have anything to say to the MCs of Happy Together?

Recently I see Park Myung Su is performing a new gag.

Park Mi Seon: Are you that close so he can take this sudden call from you?

Yu Jae Seok: We’ve heard some celebrities’ waiting music before Park Mi Seon: Volume up please.

Jisub: The one I am talking with now Yu Jae Seok: So Ji Sub ssi, really?

Jisub: Ah Hi Yu Jae Seok: She is Park Mi Seon, wife of Lee Bong Won. Park Mi Seon: So Ji Sub ssi, do you have anyone you want to meet from MC of Happy together?

Lee Young Ha: So Ji Sub’s good point is, he can keep the atmosphere of his character without cutting it.

So Ji-Sub, born November 4, 1977, is a famous South Korean movie and television actor. I really wish to see him in a drama alongside actress Jun Ji Hyun.