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05 Feb

We'd actually meet people who had moved to Vegas with zero issues and, within 1-2 years, one or both partners would get caught up in the "party" lifestyle 24/7, living like "middle-aged teenagers" and then promptly ruin their lives "having fun".

I don't consider myself a "blogger" per se; I only use my blog to impart meaningful information to true fans. The primary thing that has tied us up the last 7 months has been lots and lots of travel, searching for a new place to settle (and settle for good).

Las Vegas, where we moved to in 2013, was a colossal disappointment on so many levels that I could fill an entire blog post with that story alone, but instead of focusing on the negative, I'll just succinctly summarize the reasons why we felt that way and then move on to the positive stuff.

Never, ever have we seen so many people with alcohol problems, drug problems, gambling problems, and general personal problems.

And I'm not speaking about the kind of clueless, willfully self-destructive riff-raff you'd expect to be like that...

And we have the beauty of beach town living without the crushing crowds of tourists that many larger beach towns have.This puts us about a 2.5 hour drive away to the big-city culture of Washington, DC, which is our new base of operations for the web site as far as shooting videos and photo sets goes.I's been 7 months since my last blog update.For those of you who really care about such things, I'm sorry, but Steve and I have had a lot on our plates and this blog is a low-priority item for me.

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