Livesexchat in mobi without account

12 Feb

Visit Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (including Safari on the i Pad), sign in with your Amazon account and you'll be able to read any of the Kindle books that you've purchased right there, in your browser.Although I have several other reader apps also installed, I seem to read the most using the Kindle app.Kindle books cannot be read on the unmodified Nook.Hmmm...would it not be easy to scan and OCR a paper version of a book or have a moderately talented hacker cook up a program to OCR a DRMed e-book, page-by-page, from video memory?Anyhoo...secondly, and much more importantly, in addition to learning how to read Kindle-formated books on readers other than a Kindle, how about the obverse: Reading non-Kindle formated e-books on your Kindle? Just download and install the totally amazing and wonderful Calibre, Open Source e-book management, format-converter, e-book reader, meta-data finder, and backer-upper:

As your article states they only need the Kindle app to enjoy.Amazon plays librarian and returns the book to you after 14 days - simple. If I have accessed a kindle book on a device, is it still accessible if I go somewhere where there is no internet access?But really, reading on the small i Pod Touch screen is quite pleasant.The text is clear and readable, and it's so fast to turn pages with just my thumb, so I can hold it with one hand while lying down. I have it on all my devices (i Phone, i Pod Touch, desktop and 2 laptops) so I can read anywhere anytime. Have also installed it on several friends' computers.

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