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28 Jan

They are labeled “memories,” and they cover a very specific topic.

House and Senate leaders held a news conference Thursday to announce they'd found a solution to mandated smaller elementary school class sizes. Of the nearly 60 teams competing, the Wired Cats Blue had the 11th highest score in the autonomous robot game competition, and the Wired Cats Green had the 16th highest… But instead of moving forward after “Stuck,” the story of a teen who runs away from home when he learns his father is about to be released from…

I’m claiming to be juggling what I estimate to be a dozen TV projects. Mary Grace Flowers of Grimesland has been awarded the Girl Scout Silver Award by Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines.

He was wearing shorts, a white shirt, sandals and a hat.

The hat was found hanging on a fence several hours later.

"He's a bush-bred boy and is a strong and wiry little fellow," Inspector H. One group checking gorge country near Backwater made a last sweep on Monday morning after reports of footprints.

Bill Scrivener, a boiler attendant from Glenn Innes Hospital, saw something that looked like a boy sitting on a log.

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the second-highest achievement in Girl Scouting.

For her Silver Award project, “NC Estuarium Coloring Book,” Mary Grace made…

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