No eye glasses when dating Web site of unty for have sex fun

04 Feb

Like Glass , Betsy, Regarding content theft, there is a real simple trick that makes that really hard- Simply make up a banner with your youtube channel name and hang it behind you.People often comment on their lust and attractiveness of the women in postings here too, and have done so for decades.There's also the people who enjoy a sexual thrill from inducing myopia or wearing strong thick glasses and contacts together.Soundmanpt , I knew even before Betsy posted her You Tube video that she was in fact very real. Glass Lenses , It is also very probable that this is not even Betsy posting here,but someone that wants people from here to post things on her channel, just to annoy her.I have been a long time member of "eyescene" so I remember when she was commenting here in eyescene. That being said, she has lovely eyes with significant myopic bulge.

As soon as Betsy came in here you guys started tearing into as being a fake. She has been very polite in every answer she has posted.