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21 Jan

With that in mind, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Gay Paree: In 1750, a gay couple was burned to death in front of the Hotel de Ville for being gay.

While few of these venues remain, replaced largely by Japanese restaurants, you can still visit the sauna Ti L' T and the nearby Club 18.

There are few lesbian bars in Paris today, though in the early 1900s lesbian couples often congregated around Montmartre and Montparnasse.

You’ll have to ask if he’s TBM (très bien monté, or “well hung”) and dispo (“available”) to sound really French when meeting gay men. In global lesbian lingo, the word "femme" (a lesbian with particularly feminine attributes) actually derives from the French for "woman".

Today, the Marais in the third arrondissement is the centre of gay life in Paris, but it only became so fairly recently. Photo: Bryan Pirolli) The first gay bar opened there in 1978, and today, the oldest existing bar, the Duplex, which opened in 1980, is still a popular watering hole.

You may hear lesbians referred to as a gousse (garlic clove), but that might be a bit dated.Much of the gay slang is now found on online dating sites.In the 19th century, gay men were arrested for indecent exposure in the many public urinals installed during the 1830s.