Riccardo cocchi and yulia zagoruychenko dating

16 Feb

But so far we don’t spend much time on talking; we want to learn about each other by moving each other, by touching each other, by dancing with each other. You come from very different cultures and backgrounds. When you go to competitions, how does it feel for Max and Shirley to watch you dance? For me, it’s a very, very new feeling, of course, to have a boyfriend and to dance with another person. Max has already hinted about possibly doing the South American show dance. Sometimes we feel great in one dance and I love to do that. It’s still interesting because we don’t know each other much, and when we are dancing we just keep exploring.And from that time until now I’m dancing only ballroom. I started dancing at six, because my parents both are dancing teachers, and they just dragged me on the floor. My heart was very much on the ballroom side until I started with my last partner, Joanna Wilkinson. And it was the best thing for our first competition, because we just danced what we felt. There were no other thoughts, like how we looked or whatever. It was our first competition, and for me it was about a one year break. And after the Nationals we just called each other and made a try out. Did you talk to Shirley first and say “What do you think? When I was offered to have the tryout, at first I said, “Whoa, are you sure? I would love to try to dance with her on a simple tryout.” And when we started to dance, for me it was not a question mark, it was, “I want to dance with her.” I was over it after I stopped dancing with Joanna. The only point to come back on the floor was to come back with a better girl than I was dancing with. Of course, Max and Yulia were very good friends of ours.I started to compete quite soon; at eight years old I started to do the Italian Championships. Then I turned everything to Latin American, and all the results were more in Latin American. I had one year off before starting to dance with Yulia. When we finished our Nationals Max said, “Yulia, I’m like over. ” Because when you are one year off the floor, it’s not a small thing. Of course my mind was going to Yulia or somebody out there, also for size. I never thought it could somehow become this kind of situation where I was dancing with Yulia.And although they were high ranking Latin competitors with former partners, together they create a rare magic.Their brave effort to create the artistry they envision is happily being embraced by the dancesport community.

America works all together to get the best results for the nation. You don’t like to hear that, but you know that it’s coming from the ones that love you and they want for you the best. In a way, if you have your teacher supporting you and it’s a normal relationship, you can be skeptical. Basically in the end, what we have to decide is just between Yulia and I. The only income we can have is doing shows or teaching a little bit. We have had a lot of propositions to do Dancing With The Stars. But to go back to ballroom, I couldn’t really imagine myself doing that. In my young age I started dancing both programs, which is usual for Russia, and when I was about 16 years old I stopped standard and continued to do only Latin. And I didn’t think that I could have a good relationship with Riccardo. I know it is going to be good passion and energy, but how are we going to get along together. We just let the other person finish speaking and then explain. We’re still working day by day on the technical things because we want to adjust the technical things in our body or in our feeling. it’s a book, a technical book that allows you to do some things, but you are not allowed to do other things. I think Latin American dancing basically changes the aspect every six months, because somebody else can give something else.