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29 Jan

That's what it's all about.'Over the years, she spoke movingly about her desire to make it up with her son, but she didn't seem to mellow when it came to Furnish.'I'd like to give Furnish a punch right on the bloody earhole!

Sir Elton found it impossible to forgive and ruthlessly cut her out of his life.

It was Press reports about the 'Elton' impersonator at her 90th party that brought about the beginnings of a rapprochment — a bowl of white orchids and a note that read 'Wow, 90! Love Elton, David, Zachary and Elijah.'However, contact between them was seemingly minimal until spring this year.

' she said in an interview to mark her 90th birthday.

That Elton owes much to his mother is not in doubt.

Her first husband, RAF Squadron Leader Stanley Dwight — Elton's father — was a gifted cornet player and when it became clear that Elton had inherited his father's musical talent, Sheila encouraged him from the start.