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29 Jan

They have been taken out on special trains, military helicopters.

As we saw with Mugabe, this can happen even in places like Zimbabwe.

“But there is no law allowing impeachment in Ukraine: so people are saying they are not happy with the President, he must be investigated, they are marching, holding rallies to say it.” Mr Saakashvili claimed his supporters are being illegally deported to Georgia.

Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Ukrainian prime minister who had appeared in court to show solidarity with Mr Saakashvili, accused President Poroshenko of behaving like a dictator and suppressing dissent.

Dutch born Ms Roelofs, who has remained in Georgia after her husband went into exile, said: “He is on hunger strike at the moment.

Mr Poroshenko revoked Mr Saakashvili’s Ukrainian citizenship while he was on a visit to the US.

The former Georgian leader still feels deeply aggrieved. At first the local mafia feared me, but then they began talking to their corrupt friends in Kiev and realised they had nothing to fear because all my efforts would be undermined,” he told days before his arrest.

Thus, you can save yourself from ignominy and disgrace and save your future by taking help of these court records.

The world is full of tricksters and scammers and you have to be careful about your own safety.

It would be quite amusing if the matter was not so serious.

He had, as people know, spent a long time warning Ukraine and the West about Russia.