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21 Jan

Through a combination of historical records, meteorological records, field observations and wave modelling we attempt to assess the impact of storms.

The Geology of the British Isles is hugely varied and complex, and gives rise to the wide variety of landscapes found across the islands.

This varied geology has also meant that the country has been an important source for the formation of many geological concepts.

Also called Ebonite Many of the pipes we buy nowadays have acrylic stems. Pour off the chlorine and rinse the stem in cold water. Do not sand the tenon (the bit that connects stem to stummel) as that would only make the stem loose in the pipe.

These are harder and easier to clean than the vulcanite stems that are slowly being replaced by the newer materials. It turns greenish brown with age and exposure to light. It will appear rough on the surface and have a coal grey appearance. Once the stem is smooth again you can start the polishing process.

From time to time horizontal forces caused the rock to undergo considerable deformation, folding the layers of rock to form mountains which have since been eroded and overlain with other layers.To further complicate the geology, the land has also been subject to periods of earthquakes and volcanic activity.“Drift” geology is often more important than “solid” geology when considering building works, drainage, siting water boreholes, soil fertility, and many other issues.The Gneisses, the oldest rocks in Britain or Ireland, date from at least 2,700 Ma (Ma = millions of years ago) in the Archean period of this era, the Earth itself being only about 4,600 Ma old.Seismographical research shows that the crust of the Earth below the British Isles is between 27 and 35 km (17 to 22 miles) thick.The oldest rocks are found at the surface in north west Scotland and are more than half as old as the planet.