Teen dating overview

05 Feb

Research Journal This online course presents information to help you better appreciate how and why young people behave the way they do, and understand how to help young people make better decisions about their sexual health.This site offers information on how to seek therapy or treatment for teens and families who are suffering from teen violence issues or abuse.By learning about the causes of teen violence and what each of us can do to help prevent this type of abuse we can help our communities be a safer place.Web Page This 2002 guide describes the characteristics of adolescents as well as aspects of the contexts in which they live that make a difference in promoting healthy adolescent development.This comprehensive resource includes sections on: physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral development. Guide In this 2001 article, psychology professors Laurence Steinberg and Amanda Morris review and discuss research in adolescent development with a focus on problem behavior, parent-adolescent relationships, puberty, the development of the self, and peer relationships. Review Article This page provides a concise overview of adolescent development for educators and professionals working with young people in reproductive health care settings and prevention programs.

Guide This easy-to-read resource shares basic information about adolescent development including: emotional, social, and sexual development; developmental tasks; and information about the positive youth development approach. Web Page In this narrated presentation, Janis Whitlock offers an overview of the stages of adolescent development, including the central tasks, challenges, and opportunities of adolescence. Narrated Presentation (16 minutes) Power Point Presentation This easy-to-use tool summarizes stages of adolescence for early, middle, and late adolescent development periods.It makes a great handout for professionals and parents! Chart/Handout - English Chart/Handout - Spanish Fact Sheet: This fact sheet summarizes the physical and psycho-social markers of healthy adolescent development, and notes very briefly the major theories of adolescent development. Fact Sheet Formatted for Screen Readers This fact sheet discusses adolescence in middle school and the beginning of high school years, offering lists of normal feelings and behaviors that adolescents experience during this developmental period.Learning how to stop school violence is a great way to take an active role in keeping your child's school safe.Whether your teen is the bullying victim or the teen bullying his/her peers it is important to learn how to stop bullying.This article is about the American reality television series.For teenage pregnancy and motherhood, see Teenage pregnancy.Problems with bullying are continuing to grow, which is why it is good for parents and teens to learn how to stop bullying before it gets out of hand.This article gives an overview of school violence statistics in the United States, including school shootings, fighting at school, bullying, and other forms of violence.