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19 Jan

It’s fascinating whether Britni actually dislikes these people, or does it for the show.Last season we got to see the debut of Britni Thornton on the Challenge Dirty 30; she is back again to compete on Vendettas.Britni’s most memorable moment on Vendettas was her half-hour confessional rant of why she hated Kailah and thought she was dumb.Just a side note: not something in regards to her as a player, but Britni has to be one of the most outgoing personalities on the show when it comes to replying to fans, showing them love, and really understanding how much they matter.I’ve seen so many people on Facebook or Reddit talk about how they had a conversation with Britni, or how she liked or retweeted their comment.

Use your charm to get as far as you can, or maybe switch up who goes into elimination.Like Simone once said: “the power of the va-jay-jay to sway sway”. While Brad is a Challenge Champion, he has not played the game in seven years, making him one of the least connected guys in the house.Britni might not have been a major character Dirty 30, yet she got fans on her side because she was a great person off the show.Skills & Physical Strength: Here is an old modeling profile of Britni According to the profile, Britni is about 5'3, and at the time was 100 lbs. Since Dirty 30 ended, Britni’s been flaunting her gains in the gym by trying to take Jenna’s crown of best booty on the show.

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