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10 Feb

Billy Ray and Tish have found themselves in the same position as many other celebrity couples: on the brink of divorce.

Despite planning that has stretched over 10 years, Iran's own Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization was not aware of the broader areas of flooding during much of this time.

Its placement between both the ruins of Pasargadae and Persepolis has many archaeologists and Iranians worried that the dam will flood these UNESCO World Heritage sites, although scientists involved with the construction say this is not obvious because the sites sit above the planned waterline.

Despite their heavy considerations, the couple have rallied time and again to save their marriage.

Celebrity couples often face many obstacles to their love, from busy schedules that keep them on opposite sides of the world to constant temptation and easy access to a variety of vices.

Pasargadae remained the capital of the Achaemenid empire until Cambyses II moved it to Susa; later, Darius founded another in Persepolis.