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18 Jan

more Tribal rights: Native Americans in this Washington have been winning their fight for a seat at the table.They fled famine in Norway, Italy and Ireland, oppression and lack of opportunity in the American South, and, more recently, war and upheaval in Vietnam, the former USSR and East Africa.Ask the tourists buying flowers at Pike Place Market if the community isn’t more vibrant for it.The Trump administration has shown no interest in protecting the rights of Indian people and appears ...more Public lands: Washingtonians know well the conflicts that pop up when deciding how to use or preserve public land. C., particularly when an anti-public-land ideology seems to be driving the discussion?

Tax money: Washington barely breaks even in terms of return on tax dollars sent to D.C., even with several large, expensive military installations.more Trade: Even before William Boeing’s first seaplane soared, Washington’s economy was global.