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30 Jan

Now in 2018 may be she engaged or married to boyfriend, but this is an unconfirmed news.The couple has got three children by now; eldest daughter Bianca (20 years old), middle child Nadia (17 years old) and youngest son Jayden who is 12.With their oldest child living away from home, they all get together anytime possible.He then played in only a few movies like: Super carrier (1988), A Million to Juan (1994), Pauly Shore is Dead (2003) etc., and started working as a musician.He currently has released 6 different albums, as many hit songs and has also toured around the USA, and performed in several places.

But his news regarding his wife and children have suggested otherwise.In an interview with his wife, she says that they have a crazy family and the love and bond is strong between everybody.He first found Enrique Iglesias in 1999, and brought him up to the main platform.He was also responsible for hunting and signing the rapper, Bubba Sparxxx to Interscope Label.Gerardo Mejía is a rapper/singer, a young pastor and a recording artist from Ecuador, who is better known only by his first name, Gerardo.He currently lives in Los Angeles, and is known for his dressing sense and style, more than his songs and is mostly seen shirtless in his concerts.