Who is jesse james the singer dating

05 Feb

But from an actor's point of view, it didn't really bother me as much because I knew that it would just open up so many more avenues for Angie to take." For years, All My Children fans clamored for the reunion of Jesse and Angie.There was sentiment that if Williams was returning as anyone, it had to be as Jacob Foster.Viewers wondered for weeks if Williams would truly return as Jesse or Jesse's look-alike Jacob.The show itself is pretty good but the opening song was put together poorly.The singer sounds like he couldn't cut it in the music world or someone felt bad for him and gave him this gig.

One of daytime’s most memorable couples from the 1980s is returning to ABC’s All My Children. The article suggested that Angie's return would start with being called back to Pine Valley Hospital to assist on a case, where she would be reunited with a living Jesse Hubbard.

Viewers were skeptical of Jesse's return, since he had an onscreen death and appeared in ghost form several times afterwards on the series.

Jacob, whose actual surname was Foster, bore an uncanny resemblance to Angie's late husband Jesse and was revealed to be a relative of Jesse.

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