Work colleague dating updating intellisense

09 Feb

You don’t exactly know how you would explain your close friendship with this person from work — so you just don’t.You feel comfortable with this person, and look forward to the times they ask you for help on a project. When your crush is out of the office you wonder while you even bothered to come in to work at all. Every time they post a cute pic on Instagram, fiery rage bubbles in the pit of your stomach.You guys might even text or email throughout the day (Bob's ties are too ugly to ignore! You don’t know why you feel so competitive with their partner.If you ever confide in a friend that you fancy a housemate/colleague/friend, expect them to offer you advice along the lines of ‘don’t poop where you eat’.It’s sound advice when it comes to actual defecating, but is it good advice when you’ve finally found someone you’re interested in in an ever-diminishing pool of singletons?

Nice pants and a sweater don’t cut it anymore — suddenly you have the urge to buy new cute outfits.