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11 Feb

He told me scary stories and we had conversations of “paranormal experiences” I enjoyed this date because it opened the door to conversations I wouldn't have had on a normal date. Walters World of Pets Ok, so Lubbock does not have a Zoo…

And remember, I am and outdoorsy dating person, so I have been to Mackenzie quite a few times. Mc Pherson Cellars I am only 21, but I do enjoy “adulting” on occasion.

Mc Pherson is the place you unwind under low lights and learn about your partner, while slowly drifting away into each glass. Escape Your Body“Stranger things” it up by going to the isolation pods right here in Lubbock.

Every time I go with either a friend or someone I am dating it is usually their first time and they are so astounded that Lubbock has something so very amazing. They color the water, usually with the seasons, and it is mesmerizing.

Lose yourself in a conversation over this colorful pond. Follow up with real food by taking a 2 minute walk to Gilbert's next door. Romantic Stay-Cation at the Woodrow House A stay-cation date is such an intimate date.

I remember being asked on my first date a week after moving to Lubbock and he asked the dreaded question “where do you want to go? First Friday Art Trail This is widely known to Lubbock Locals and College students." I was thinking about the drive into Lubbock and in the back of my mind I thought, oh well, we can have a dust storm picnic in the middle of nowhere because this place S U C K S. Overtime I learned that Lubbock has some secret gems that are going to force you to bring out your fun side, use your imagination, and be a little romantic. On the first Friday of every month Lubbock hosts an art trail in the Lubbock Cultural District.( Yes, Lubbock has an Art District I was surprised too).Kite Flying at Maxi Park AGAIN, I am a sucker for outside dates and I know a lot of other girls are, plus Lubbock's weather can be really nice! You can learn so much about the other person ( in addition to having a little fun) when your dates are actual activities rather than simply talking over food. Day At Cactus Alley This place is a Diamond that is buried.How does no one in Lubbock know about this slice of heaven? Cactus Alley has a small pond in the center of it all with Albino fish in it.